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<transcy>KPNP instep</transcy>

<transcy>KPNP instep</transcy>

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  • KPNP electronic foot instep improves your performance, as they are easy to use and hold your foot firmly during competition, it not only protects it, but is also able to distinguish scoring areas.
  • It has RFID chips that are embedded in the sole of the foot and on the top of the foot, which makes it possible to recognize any type of kick.
  • It can read 4 kicks of 1 second, including double or triple kicks, which means that all Taekwondo kicks can be scored if the force of the impact is sufficient to reach the valid power level.
  • The padding is now spread out to protect the toe area.
  • The back heel also has additional padding for added protection.


  1. Proximity sensor detects valid kicks with Dobok (Uniform) and textile object
  2. RFID chips distinguish valid punch and kick
  3. Apply the punch and kick differential scores.
  4. Foot protector Easy to use and of good quality with adjustment (no need to fix it)
  • Color: White with gray.
  • Size: Sizes from 1 to 10

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